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Precision in Medicine

Alzheimer’s is more than preventable, it’s reversible.

Reversing Alzheimer’s, For Good

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline.

Alzheimer’s Is Not Destiny

Forty years of medical research has put Dr. Dale Bredesen, the Chief Science Officer of AHNP, at the forefront of research into Alzheimer’s disease prevention and memory-loss reversal. His research teams have made discoveries that changed our understanding of the fundamental nature of Alzheimer’s disease and led to revolutionary treatments.

At AHNP, we turned Dr. Bredesen’s advice into action and put the health of your brain back in your hands with the only Bredesen-approved protocol for preventing, treating, and reversing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

Pick a ReCODE Program

Staring down a diagnosis or genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease no longer means giving up hope. Our programs are designed to fit anyone, whether you’re already showing symptoms or simply hoping to prevent them. ReCODE identifies the source and subtype of your cognitive decline or potential cognitive decline, and provides a totally personalized solution to prevent or reverse MCI, SCI, and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

  • A single ReCODE Report to identify the sources of your cognitive decline
  • Provides a step by step process to prevent or reverse your symptoms
  • Includes all required laboratory assessments
  • Limited access to Trained Practitioner Locator tool
  • Compiles 30 plus years of research by Dr. Bredesen in a personalized report
  • Best for individuals without symptoms or initial symptoms

Price: $1,399

  • A continuing subscription with more information and help to maximize your ReCODE success. Minimum 1 year commitment.
  • Run multiple ReCODE reports with lab testing at a discounted rate (Recommended re-tests every 6 months)
  • Unlimited access to AHNP's proprietary ReCODE Mobile Application (Coming 2019)
  • Access to exclusive Town Hall videos with Dr. Bredesen
  • Exclusive content and research to optimize your ReCODE experience. Including: Nutrition Guides, Blogs, and more
  • Customer consultations and support
  • Work with a trained ReCODE practitioner for additional testing
  • Enhanced Trained Practitioner Directory, including pricing, nutritionist and coaching referrals

Price: $75 Month

Monthly subscription requires a one year commitment. Baseline labs cost $1,099 or can be ordered by a trained practitioner.

Find out which program is right for you


Identify and reverse your Alzheimer's Disease symptoms



Partnering with Dr. Dale Bredesen, Alzheimer’s research pioneer and inventor of the MEND protocol (now superseded by the more sophisticated ReCODE protocol), AHNP Precision Health has created the first software product that identifies subtypes of cognitive decline (types 1-3 Alzheimer’s disease, published by Dr. Bredesen). The software generates optimal personalized medical information that allows users and practitioners to achieve unprecedented success in the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline.


  • Identify the subtypes and source of your cognitive decline.
  • ReCODE is the first to report the reversal of cognitive decline in patients with early Alzheimer's disease.
  • An affordable solution to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer' disease and identify preventative solutions.
  • Includes all metabolic and genetic laboratory assessment to generate a personalized ReCODE report.

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