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AHNP has developed a set of programs designed to identify and reverse the effects of cognitive decline, SCI, MCI, and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Program Options
Lab & Genome Testing Fulfilled by practitioner or purchase discounted lab and genome testing
Personalized ReCODE Report Unlimited ‡
Practitioner Locator Tool Unlimited
Identify Subtypes:
Sources of Cognitive Decline, and Key Metabolic Contributors
Supplemental Documentation & Information
Based on Dr. Bredesen’s Research
Initial Steps to Reverse Your Symptoms
Nutrition and Lifestyle guidelines
Suggested Supplemental Support
Monthly Town Halls With Dr. Bredesen
Curated Content
Advanced Nutrition Guidelines
Access to Brain-HQ Brain-Training Exercises
Community forums
(Coming 2019)
Unlimited access to the ReCODE Mobile App
(Coming 2019)
Price $1,399 $75 Monthly*

*Monthly subscription requires a one year commitment. Optional discounted labs are $1,099
‡ Follow-up testing is recommended every six months to track progress

Which Program Is Right For You

  • I have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease or cognitive decline
  • I have experienced early symptoms of cognitive decline
  • I am curious of my current metabolic status, genetic status, and predisposition to cognitive decline

Price: $1,399

  • I have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive decline
  • I have experienced mid to late symptoms of cognitive decline
  • I require a trained practitioner and trained support

Price: $75 Month


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